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Shipping Division changes name to Logistics Division.

Shipping Division changes name to Logistics Division.

A couple of months ago, a proposal from Private Frist Class Daugeleven was submitted to the Bluetech Board. The proposal is about how we can increase the effect within the division and at the same time expand our services.The proposal is to reorganize the “shipping department” under a newly established “logistics department”.Logistics is a broad concept that includes but is not limited to the following:

Acquisition, storage, distribution and transportation of equipment.
Acquisition, storage and maintenance of equipment.
Transport of staff and supplies.
Maintenance and care of facilities and ships.
Health care support.
This will go in effect and will be coordinated in three different services. These are then called “Shippping”, “Support” and “Medical”. In the long term, the various service branches will each have a service branch manager, partly to enable the business to flow smoothly, and to give employees several clear goals to work towards within the company.

Shipping Branch
As the name suggests, this department mainly works with transporting, procuring and distributing mainly material, equipment and personnel.

Support Branch
Is a support service that works with maintenance, care, storage and supply of equipment, facilities and ships.

Medical Branch
Supports own or external organization with primary transport, secondary transport of injured (front MEDEVAC, tactical MEDEVAC, strategic MEDEVAC).

Bluetech staff would like to take this opportunity to wish Pr1 Daugeleven all the best in his job as Head of the Division.

/ Bluetech staff


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