Bluetech Local Area Network Version 2.0

This network is for employees only. All information within the network is stricly Bluetech’s property and must be treated accordingly.

Dear members,

Powel Hemanshe, have taken over as CEO of Bluetech. This was decided on 27/10 2952 through a founders meeting at New Babbage. At the same time, Bluetech Staff want to thank @hagbard_ml for three well-managed years at the helm. According to our statutes, the outgoing CEO will return to his previous rank (Commander). Hagbard_ml will serve as Head of Medical Branch under the Logistic Division. The new CEO goal is to increase occupancy within Bluetech in order to enable events and create gaming joy.

We at staff want to strike a blow for our forums on the enijn side. You will find more information regarding Bluetech and the future there shortly.

//Bluetech Staff


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