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Bluetech has held a meeting with Swetrust Enterprise.

Since a few months ago, Swetrust Enterprise has become more and more interested in Bluetech and our business model. Since the company managements usually meet in connection with the meetings of the Swedish Umbrella parliament, it was not surprising that we at Bluetech received a meeting invitation from Swetrust. Our previous conversations have not revealed what the meeting would be about. Which made it difficult to know in advance what would be discussed and which part of our business model would possibly be interesting. But at the same time, we at Bluetech are always open to discussing new business collaborations. Which is a natural part of us as a company. Doing business with other companies is a natural and very important part of our survival. Our market share is extremely strong today thanks to a good branding strategy that we should be proud of. Which I believe will bring us several similar meetings in the future.

The meeting took place on 1 November 2952 on one of Swetrust’s vessel of the Constellation phoenix class. Bluetech’s founders including the CEO were picked up at the Baijini Point (ArcCorp) space station. The meeting was surrounded by high security, which Swethrust was responsible for. Of course we had the QRF under the command of Cpt_Clinch from the Security Division nearby if needed.

The following questions were raised by Swetrust during the meeting.

• How does Bluetech stand in relation to the exchange of information between the companies?

• How does Bluetech see organizing events together in the future?

• How do we build up and ensure communication between Bluetech and Swetrust? And what level should the communication be at? Good discussions were held but no decisions were made.

Bluetech will now work and analyse these issues thoroughly. To see if there is a profitability in the agreement and if there is, reach a good business settlement that can be accepted by both companies.

//Powel Hemanshe CEO Bluetech

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