Bluetech Local Area Network Version 2.0

This network is for employees only. All information within the network is stricly Bluetech’s property and must be treated accordingly.

Bluetech introduces the Board meeting.

To increase communication within Bluetech and between divisions, Board meetings are introduced. The purpose of these meetings is mainly to spread information about what is happening within Bluetech, but also information about what can affect us in the short and long term. A side effect is to also have a structured meeting between heads of divisions or equivalent.

The first meeting took place on 14 December 2952 aboard BT Ophelia. Present were the Exploration, Security, Prospecting and Racing Divisions. Absent Logistic Division. During the meeting, the questions that Swetrust Enterprise asked Bluetech during the meeting that took place on 1 November at Swetrust were discussed.

The Bluetech Board concluded that there are no obstacles to carrying out joint operations today as long as it does not conflict with Bluetech’s business concept. These operations must of course be approved by the CEO. At the same time, we see that information can be exchanged between Bluetech and Swetrust Enterprise with the reservation that the information provided must be analyzed first. All information available on Bluetech Local Area Network ( and Bluetech Database (Google drive) is for Bluetech only. That information can only be shared with the approval of someone with the rank of Commander or higher. Relevant information regarding Bluetech’s test of its own Coms server is currently classified as a company secret because we are in a development phase. The next phase is to possibly implement it within Bluetech. However, the Bluetech Board looks positively on being able to share, for example, an official communication plan or the like to enable other organizations to get in touch with us.

Furthermore, it was discussed how a return meeting with Swetrust Enterprise could be carried out.

If you have any questions regarding the meeting please contact CEO Powel Hemanshe

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