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Bluetech strengthens its exploration fleet.

Over the past few months, Bluetech has been overhauling its current Exploration fleet. During the course of the work, it has emerged that the acquisition of additional vessels is necessary. We have had a few vessels under lease but have looked over the accounts and realized that we need to strengthen ourselves over a longer period. In that time window, we see that today’s leasing agreement does not fit our business model, says Powel Hemanshe CEO of Bluetech.

The Exploration division has for several years operated the BT Cordelia (Carrack Class) with a good profit, which has made the choice to once again turn to Anvil Aerospace a natural one.

The name of our new Carrack follows the guidelines we set up for our Carrack program. BT Cordelia is named after one of Uranus’ moons in the SOL system. As discovered from the images taken by the well-known Voyager 2 on January 20, 1986. During the same time Voyager 2 also discovered the moon Ophelia which is a sister moon of Cordelia. So what could be better than naming BT Cordelia’s sister BT Ophelia.

We wish BT Ophelia all the luck and prosperity.