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Bluetech Racing Report Daymar Rally 2953

On January 21, 2953, the Bluetech Racing Team participated for the fourth time in the Daymar Rally. Hopes were high considering last year’s fifth place. Aerial photography to try to find the fastest route through analysis was carried out again this year together with a variety of other preparations.

This year’s edition was again delayed, this time it wasn’t about Guilded but Discord which couldn’t handle the pressure. 800 participants on the same discord became a limitation. But thanks to a good team at ATMO Esport, they managed to find an alternative solution that was satisfactory. The start finally went around 1930 local time and we chose a calmer approach at the start to minimize fighting at the start of the race. However, in recent years we have chosen a different route at the start, which meant that we quickly became two clusters of racing teams. On our way to Eager Flats. A stretch of 92 km through a narrow section with varying ground of sand dunes and rock sections. The feeling within the team was sane and focused. It felt relatively good. However, there was a faint feeling of concern that some teams already had a lead of about 6-8 km.

After Eager Flats it’s 418km to the finish line at Kudre Ore and anything can happen. Really anything can happen. With this in mind, the distance to the front, which was now up to 20 km, did not feel impossible to make up. During this stage we were involved in two major battles which resulted in a better position as the opponent basically turned to protect themselves.

But as I said anything can happen. Since the URSA Rover only works for 3-4 hours, it is necessary to change vehicles. The support ship then needs to go and pick up a new vehicle. It was during this sequence that anything could happen happened. An Anvil Arrow flew into the hangar of the Bluetech support ship, leaving remnants of the Arrow’s wings on the hangar floor. Which in itself caused the Bluetech support ship to go up in smoke shortly after departure from the loading of two new URSA Rovers.

After losing two members as well as the support ship, navigation suffered. The distance to the front on this occasion was about 40 km, which was too great to be able to influence through just navigation and choice of route. However, various teams began to DNF from the Daymar Rally for various reasons. Which meant that the hope increased for a good placement. According to the rules, one of our lost team members was allowed to return to the team and we once again started the navigation in a satisfactory way and we finished at Kudre Ore 7 hours after the start from Shubin which is Bluetech Racing Team’s fastest time to date. However, we have always had losses and we hope to one day reach the finish line with all participants within the team.

All in all, we are satisfied with the result and we look forward to the next edition of the Daymar Rally in 2954. Our hope then is to be able to participate with two teams, perhaps in the same or in different divisions.

/TEAM Captain

1 XGR 6h 01m
2 Daymar Dust Devils 6h 13m
3 SCIRE ALPHA 6h 19m
4 Prowler Position 6h 26m
5 αalpha Centauri 6h 35m
6 Mother Truckers 6h 53m
7 Sidonia 6h 56m
8 N7 Online 6h 57m
9 FFK Sandstorm 6h 58m
10 Bluetech Racing 7h 00m
11 AAWA 404-Rover-not-found 7h 02m
12 Les Scorpions du Désert 7h 08m
13 Test Squadron Rally Team 7h 16m
14 Persal Tecnica Interplanetary 7h 18m
15 Talleres Paco 7h 33m
16 Space Raptors 7h 33m
17 Frontier Consolidated- Blue 7h 42m
18 VeeTeeVeeEll 7h 45m
19 Team SanJac 8h +

The following distances are ALL DNF and show how far the team had left to reach Kudre Ore

20 GRDN Racing Truck 67km
21 SoberKnurd 87km
22 Southern Cross Alliance Truck Team 88KM
23 Polyvalence Racing Red 96KM
24 Njord Operations Racing 145KM
25 Polyvalence Racing Black 152KM
26 MAGEX Truck Division 170KM
27 Chicago sur Isère 200KM
28 Skyline Racing Team 2 209KM
29 Picoracer 262KM
30 Nebula GT 269km
31 Imperial Arms Daymar Rally Team 272KM
32 Smashed Space Bananas 349

IMG_5282_500-2.jpg IMG_5271_500-0.jpg IMG_5281_500-1.jpg

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