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Welcome back from vacation

Bluetech staff,

I would like to welcome you back from vacation. Hope your holiday has been good and that you are charged to continue the journey with Bluetech. If you remember, an information meeting was held at the end of May where we went through some information regarding our new website and how to use the functions there. If you have any questions about the page or if you feel that something should be changed, just post your suggestion in the forum at BLAN. If you did not attend that meeting or forgot what was said, you will find an entry under news. During the information meeting, a decision was also made to move our official game day from Tuesdays to Wednesdays at 21:00. The idea is to try to get started with more organized activities these days. Upcoming events are welcome to be posted on the BLAN page. And will if the technology is with us automatically end up as an event in DISCORD. This is not yet implemented. But we are working on it. By posting events on BLAN, it means opportunities for us to backtrack who participated in the event, etc. Today, this is a prerequisite for having the opportunity to rise through the ranks within Bluetech. An event created on DISCORD cannot be viewed after it has ended. Hence better to post on BLAN. An event on BLAN should appear in everyone’s mailboxes as an upcoming event. If you don’t hear from us, we will arrange it.

Wednesday 23 AUG 2953 was the first day after the holidays where we conducted business on our advertised game day. However, it must be said that information for the event came out far too late and of course it is better with longer anticipation, which should increase the chances for more participants. Everyone within Bluetech can create an event. Some of us have created several events in the past and can assist with help related to order templates and what might be good to think about.

So what does the autumn look like for Bluetech?

During the autumn, we aim to carry out a return meeting with Swetrust Enterprise. To return with answers to their questions. This could be done as a small event or a large one. I think it would have been fun with a bigger event and a big participation from our side.
I see before me something like: Pickup at a station, transport by Escort to a planet, Landing, possibly ground vehicle convoy with URSA and Escort then meeting and then home again. As you can understand, this requires a bit of work, training and timings to do this during an event night. But it would have been fun.

Another idea is a two-day event where we load an exploration ship such as CORDELIA or OPHELIA (Carrack class) and carry out a longer trip. Where we need to have the right stuff with us to survive. Otherwise, we may have to call for help.
We will also conduct a mining competition in the autumn which will run between two dates where it is simply a matter of appointing the year’s Best Mining pilot.

Then towards the end of the year, of course, preparations for the 2954 DAYMAR RALLY begin.

In addition to this, I hope for several events in all arenas.

I am looking forward to the autumn and of course information regarding Bluetech will reach you via news on BLAN, DISCORD, BLAN Forum etc.

Also want to take the opportunity to welcome our new members SWEAscent and SgtNose to Bluetech. You are warmly welcome and we hope you enjoy staying with us.


Powell Hemanshe
CEO Bluetech

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