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Large Scale Salvage Operation with close partner Completed Successfully

Bluetech Logistics Department, together with our close partner Swetrust, today completed a comprehensive salvage operation in one of Stanton systems Lagrange Points. After securing the salvage rights for six operational and fully laden Crusader Hercules (two A2 and four C2) a large salvage operation was undertaken involving an eight people strong salvage team.
The salvage, which consisted of cargo extraction, component salvage and hull scraping, took approximately four hours to complete. Total approx. net worth of the cargo (Quantainium, Bexalite, Taranite, Gold) and reclaimed hull material: 30 million aUEC

Well done to the hard-working crews of the Caterpillar, the A2, the Reclaimer and all the supporting craft!

Cat_Work_09-2.png Cat_Work_10-1.png Cat_Work_08-0.png

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