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This network is for employees only. All information within the network is stricly Bluetech’s property and must be treated accordingly.

November’s standing game days

November’s standing game time is now posted in Discord. Just go in and register your interest and it will be easier to plan missions for our Wednesdays.

We have some activities that will require a larger number of players and this then gives us the opportunity to plan the participation and the setup for our various missions.

When we see that interest is high for a certain date. Will we post an event on BLAN with a mission brief and all the information needed. And it is at BLAN that we all sign up for the assignment.

If there is not enough interest in a date or if no one has posted an assignment on the event page in BLAN, we run our game day as a casual game day.

Only registrations for assignments at BLAN give the opportunity to advance in the ranks within BLUETECH

We hope that this provides good conditions for our members to put in the time and effort required to create a Bluetech mission.

/Bluetech Staff


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