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Bluetech Racing Team have signed up for Daymar Rally 2954


Once again we have entered Bluetech Racing in the universe’s dirtiest race. This year we are loaded to the max. The Daymar Rally 2954 will take place on Daymar on January 20, 2954 starting at 16:00 UTC and will be a 510 km super event.

This will be the fifth time that Bluetech Racing participates with its Racing Team. The first time was 2950 which ended in a big explosion when our race car URSA gave up. We really hope for a good race next year, informs the Team Manager when we meet him in one of the team’s garages at Microtech.

START LINE Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1
92 km Checkpoint EAGER FLATS
196,5 km Checkpoint TALON
301 km Checkpoint EACHELON
405,5 km Checkpoint HASGAHA
510 km FINISH LINE Kudre Ore

2950: Explosion of unknown cause
2951: Blown up by pirates after checkpoint EAGER FLATS (third place)
2952: Fifth place with a time of 07:04:50
2953: Tenth place with time 07:00:00, Support ship explodes

We at Bluetech hope for a good result in 2954 and we wish them the best of luck. The race can be followed via various channels and we will return with information about this later. Take the opportunity to read the Race Report from last year.

/Bluetech Staff

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