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The Security Division has conducted a security patrol in Stanton.

On behalf of UEE, a patrol has been carried out to strengthen the security units that are around the Stanton system.
This was carried out with a reinforced squad from Bluetech Security and with parts of the Bluetech Medical branch.

All planets and their moons were patrolled. Starting from New Babbage. During the patrol, two requests for assistance were received. The first request was to locate the criminal Kintu Colby. Which according to the latest intelligence was above Magda at one of the Hurston Testing Sites.

The second request for assistance was to locate Erin “Mayday” Alemu. Who after repeated attempts has managed to escape Hurston Security officals. Which according to received intelligence report has been in a cave on Ita.

Mission Log:
Ship: Bluetech Carrack class
Crew: Powel Hemanshe, bopna, Funus, hagbard_ml, Halli68, Harald Hardrade, mrvigge and Sgt Nose.

012117 – Arrives at Calliope and begins patrolling
072121 – Jumps to Clio
072121 – Arrives at Clio and begins patrolling
072124 – Man overboard (hagbard_ml)
072130 – Arrives at Port Tressler for (real life server swap)
072140 – Leaving Port Tressler heading for Hurston
072154 – Arrives Hurston and brief patrol at Everus Harbour
072155 – Setting course for Ariel
072156 – Arrives at Ariel and proceeds to OM-2
072200 – Commands battle stations
072200 – Arrives Aberdeen where Com array is up
072201 – Hops to OM-6 to set course for Etiha
072202 – Arrives Etiha and jumps towards Magda
072204 – Arrives at Magda
072206 – Jumps to Arccorp
072209 – Arriving Arccorp
072210 – Jumping to Lyria
072210 – Arrives at Lyria heading towards Banjini Point
072212 – Arrives Banjini Point
072213 – Commands battle stations
072215 – Being stopped and scanned
072217 – Arrives Wala
072219 – Patrolling Samson and sons the situation at the scene is calm only a crashed C2 was observed
072222 – Request for assistance received from UEE : Find Apperhend Kintu Colby The latest intel on Colby´s current whereabouts has them last seen at a Hurston Testing Site above Magda.
072223 – Jumping to Hurston
072226 – Arrives Hurston and commands battle stations
072226 – Jumps to waypoint Kintu Colby at Magda
072228 – Commands Free fire against red targets only
072229 – Contact with the target 6000m straight ahead
072230 – Firing against targets. The target explodes.
072231 – Mission completed.
072230 – Received new request for assistance: Fin and apperhend Erin “Mayday” Alemu. After repeatedly evading previous attempts at capture by Hurston Security officials, a bounty has been issued for one Erin “Mayday” Alemu. Last known location a cave on Ita. track down the outlaw and deliver them to justice.
072237 – Arrived at ITA Targets located and engaged.
072240 – Mission completed
072241 – Arrives at Everus Harbour. Where Funus, hagbard_ml, Harald Hardrade and mrvigge disembark and leave us.
072254 – Leaving Everus Harbor for Port Tressler. Left on board are the survivors, Sgt Nose, Powel and Halli68.
072300 – Arrives at Microtech and New Babbage
072305 – Begins debriefing

Bluetech would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and helped make our Stanton a safer place for all of us.

And thanks to our guest players who participated (bopna, Funus, Harald Hardrade and mrvigge). A final thank you to SgtNose who planned and held in the execution of the mission.

/Bluetech Staff

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