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Bluetech conducted OPERATION FENIX

On Wednesday, February 21, 2954, the Prospecting Division conducted Operation Fenix. The operation consists of partly practicing mining but also trying new administration tools linked to mining. This tool will also eventually be used for salvage. Despite a promising registration for the event, there were several who dropped out and the event was only completed by Powel and 10k. We at Bluetech prefer not to cancel a planned event. However, there may be changes in the arrangement if registered participants do not show up. Which of course can mean that we don’t reach the purpose of the event, but things that happen IRL are always prioritized, but please let us know in advance so we have a chance to re-plan the event.

We used the Regolite online software during the operation and it felt very promising. Although we at Bluetech would love to have our own, it works great as a gap filler until our plans become reality. For those of you who haven’t tried their software, we can only say try it.

We are constantly updating the Prospecting Division with new features so be sure to stay updated and provide feedback on things you are missing. And don’t forget to fill in the Mining Report after completed mining.

/Bluetech Staff

mole 1500 regolith2-1500-2.png regolith1-1500-1.png mole-1500-0.png

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