Bluetech Local Area Network Version 2.0

This network is for employees only. All information within the network is stricly Bluetech’s property and must be treated accordingly.

Exploration Division

Head of Division: Chard Kendari

When it comes to finding that missing shipment. That lucrative ore vain or getting ahead of your competition by knowing about the jump point that leads straight to your destination.

Blutech’s years of experience in exploration with ex-military employees, previously working in UEE’s navy’s pathfinding and search and rescue division, will bring that military standard to your needs.

Security Division

Head of Division: Spandrel_Borka

Have you just loaded up your Caterpillar with agricultural supplies headed for unloading at Gallete family farms when WHAM! Suddenly a jerk with nothing to lose padramms your ship and your cargo slowly floating away getting hit by incoming traffic.

Are you worried that the new prototype you need to transport from Microtech to Arc Corp will get snatched by pirates?

Prospecting Division

Head of Division: Powel Hemanshe

The empty void of space could not be further from the truth. Out there is a plenty of riches up for grabbing.

Are you in the possession of mining equipment and nothing to mine? We have already staked out your potential claims and our prospecting team is ready to go out there and bring you your first samples and locations ripe for the taking.

Logistics Division

Head of Division: Daugeleven

Do you have the goods you need to get from point A to point C without having to go through point B? Do you need maintenance of your outpost? In need of staff transport? Or do you need to refuel? The needs can be many, but no need is too great for Bluetech Logistics.

We take care of your worries. We’ve done it before. Together with our other divisions, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific challenges.

Racing Division

Head of Division: Powel Hemanshe

Our Racing team was founded in 2949 with the aim of being part of a larger advertising campaign. But since the turn of the year, it has become an entirely separate division under Bluetech. In January 2950, the team participated in the Daymar Rally 2950 in the rover division where the team quickly advanced to a third place. In the latter part of the race after some spectacular crashes, the team finished in sixth place out of a total of 14 teams.


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