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Powel Hemanshe


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REF A: PROSPECTING FORUM (“Prospecting HUB ARC-L1 with fields”)

Bluetech has established PROSPCETING HUBS on ARC-L1, CRU-L1, MIC-L1 and HUR-L1 and HUR-L2. Then, the establishment of the respective prospecting fields. First out is ARC-L1 with Prospecting Field A1C4, A1C, A1C5, A1H and A1C3. Operation Center has therefore planned Operation Fenix in order to evaluate the fields content. Each field is divided into 10 bands where research has proven that band 5 has the highest density.

The first objective is to become familiar with the Prospecting Division Fields around Hub Arc-L1 and how they are categorized. The second objective of Operation Fenix is to extract materials from the respective fields (A1C4, A1C, A1C5, A1H and A1C3). And submit a Mining Report to Operation Center.

My Intentions for Operation Fenix is to see how we can develop similar assignments and how we can follow up these by using automatic flows on BLAN. Each Mining report is connected to a flow that automatically follows and registered the report in a database.

The division is based on the Prospecting Hub Arc-L1. There, a short brief will be kept and the allocation of fields. Operation will be carried out mainly with ships of Proscpectors Class and Mole Class. Each ship is responsible for making Mining Report after each round. All amount is in cSCU.

212100: Party launch.
212110: Briefing and assignment to fields.
212130: Joint Take Off
212145: Prospecting start mining in the respective fields and submit mining report.
212330: ETA ARC-L1 for HWU

Operation FENIX will use software from REGOLITH CO to administer and manage the operation. We will create a session where anyone who is registered and connected to our session can see and follow our operation. All participants are asked to register at in order to be able to follow up our operation. Each load must be reported by submitting a Mining report on BLAN.

Operation Fenix will use BT Penfold (Mole Class) as Command and Control ship. Comms Plan IAW Regular Bluetech Server (Discord) Team Channel One and Two dependent on participants. Or if able we will connect to SRS.

Assets linked to mining operation in MOLE will be shared by the crew after fuel and other coast have been paid. When use of Prospectors earned resources goes to the owner of the ship.

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2024-02-21 @ 21:00 to
2024-02-21 @ 23:30

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