Bluetech Local Area Network Version 2.0

This network is for employees only. All information within the network is stricly Bluetech’s property and must be treated accordingly.


When it comes to finding that missing shipment. That lucrative ore vain or getting ahead of your competition by knowing about the jump point that leads straight to your destination.

Blutech’s years of experience in exploration with ex-military employees, previously working in UEE’s navy’s pathfinding and search and rescue division, will bring that military standard to your needs.

Need it to be a secret?, don’t worry, our employees will not let anyone find out about you or your information, NOT even under torture, it’s been tested and proven.

Not only is our employee’s ex-military. We’ve acquired a small fleet of UEE’s finest navy vessels such as a rebuilt navy Carrack refitted with the latest technology such as advanced scanners, secure data storage and long-range QT-drive.

Your goal is our mission, and our mission is our calling. Years of serving in the fringes of known space has given us the ability to adopt and overcome in any environment.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today and tomorrow your problem will be taken care of.

/Cdr Chard Kendari Head of Exploration Division


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