Inventing solutions since 2949

Whether you are a fast pace combat pilot, a hardened explorer or a cunning cargo runner we will provide you a home within our ranks. We value each and every member of our team.

Beauty comes in many forms. For us, beauty is when a plan comes together and is executed in near perfection. This derives from years of training and military discipline. Most of our employees have a background in the military services, in particular the UEE-navy. We strive for perfection and self-improvement. From the the smallest of details to the Big picture. But most of all it is the curiosity, the will to discover and adopt new ideas that drives us.

If you choose to become a valued member of our team, please remember that we value loyalty and engagement. You are strongly encouraged to commit to Bluetech as ‘Main’ organisation. If not, any advancement within our ranks are difficult, if not impossible. You may however, if you wish, choose to retain a secondary or even a tertiary org as ‘Affiliate’.

Ad infinitum et ultra.

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