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Have you just loaded up your Caterpillar with agricultural supplies headed for unloading at Gallete family farms when WHAM! Suddenly a jerk with nothing to lose padramms your ship and your cargo slowly floating away getting hit by incoming traffic.

Are you worried that the new prototype you need to transport from Microtech to Arc Corp will get snatched by pirates?

Then you can make good use of some protection. Here at Bluetech we are used to getting shot at and have hire ex-naval special forces Commander Spandrel Borka and his team to protect our business. Due to their success we have decided to expand our security division and we are now taking on third party security contracts.

Get in contact with our front office today and schedule a meeting to tailor a security solution that fits you. And as always, we keep your secrets as safe as we keep your cargo.

Your goal is our mission, and our mission is our calling. Years of serving in the fringes of known space has given us the ability to adopt and overcome in any environment.

/Cdr Spandrel_Borka Head of Security Division


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